"Kangda Group 2018 Dealer Conference" series report (4) - DANIEL SMITH brand training

On the morning of July 1, the last training of the Kangda Group Dealer Conference - DANIEL SMITH (hereinafter referred to as DS) brand watercolor paint training meeting was held at the headquarters of Kangda Group. Mr. JOHN, President of DS Company and Ms. KATHERINE, Sales Director, visited the site. Since he attaches great importance to this opportunity to communicate with Chinese distributors, Mr. JOHN has brought a lot of ore raw materials from the United States and compared the ore with the finished pigments, so that dealers can understand the characteristics of the products more intuitively and clearly. quality. And also prepared a gift for each dealer friend, the chocolate brought from the United States, is really both intentional and intimate.

DS is a US-based brand established in 1976. It mainly produces pure ore pigments. The ore materials used are selected from high-quality ore producing areas around the world. Because it is a professional watercolor pigment product, the main consumer object is the painter. Therefore, in the product design description, DS uniquely marks the light resistance, transparency, dyeability and sedimentation of the pigment on each product. The painter understands the properties of the pigment and is convenient for creation.

In the Q&A interactive session of the training session, Mr. JOHN had in-depth communication with several artists on the spot. The artists put forward some consultation questions on the DS products and also put forward many pertinent suggestions for the material selection of the product trial color cards. Mr. JOHN understands the preferences and market conditions of Chinese domestic consumers and has been recognized by Mr. JOHN.


After the end of the DS brand training in 2018, the dealers and brand dealers highly praised the event. They said that such activities should be held every year and look forward to inviting other brands to come here for future exchanges.

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