"Gathering, Convergence" - Kangda Group's 2018 Mid-Year Strategic Conference Ends Successfully

On July 14, Kangda Group's 2018 Mid-Year Strategic Conference ended successfully in Hutao, Jijifang. Middle and senior management personnel of various business units of Kangda Group participated in this meeting.

The meeting kicked off in the chair of the president's office, Zhang Zhang. Before the official start of the meeting, the newly recruited middle-level cadres in each department first introduced themselves. The first agenda after the meeting began, the directors of each business department made a report on the work of the first half of the year, made a comprehensive review of the work in the first half of the year, deployed the key plans for the second half of the year, and raised the demand for cross-departmental collaboration.

After the report, the vice president of Kangda Group gave a special speech, shared the thoughts and ideas of the company's development and some management concepts, and put forward three requirements for the cadres: good communication, active learning, and enhanced execution. Subsequently, Xu, the chairman of Kangda Group, made a concluding speech. Mr. Xu deeply analyzed the status quo of the industry, reviewed the development and transformation process of our company, proposed the five-year general goal of our company's future development, and integrated information and information on the company. Security and talent development put forward specific expectations and requirements. After carefully listening to Mr. Xu’s speech, the company cadres expressed their approval for the company’s five-year development planning goals and expressed confidence in the company’s future development.

After lunch, Vice President Ni Yongpin gave a fascinating interpretation of the Book of Changes to the cadres.

Let us take a tour of the cultural history of China for five thousand years. We have a glimpse of the exquisite path of Guoxue Yijing, let us see the profound and philosophical wisdom of ancient Chinese traditional culture.

The mid-year strategic meeting was held as an important node in the year. The company's management cadres at all levels gathered together to unify their thinking, eliminate barriers, sum up the past, and look to the future, just as the theme of this conference was “convergence”. I believe that under the leadership of Mr. Xu and the joint efforts of all colleagues, Kangda Group will be able to realize the company's five-year development goal as soon as possible!

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